SM-AX  Pneumatic Dispenser (Precision Digital Type)

SM-AX Pneumatic Dispenser (Precision Digital Type)

Digital display of air pressure & vacuum.
Liquid-dripping prevention vacuum device.
Teaching memory dispensing setting model.
Dispense controlled by connected sequencer.
Caution signal.
8 Channel memory.
Instant adjustment shot time.
SM-AX Precision Digital dispenser
 Control method  Electronic/Pneumatic system
 Power supply  DC24V(Fixture AC100~240V power adapter) 
 Power consumption  Max.17W
 Air source  Max. 0.99MPa
 Dispensing pressure  0.01~0.70MPa
 Dispensing duration range  0.010~9.999sec.   8 Channel memory
 Operating mode    Time mode (metered shot )  Steady mode  (continuous shot)
 Display section  LED Digital display of air pressure & vacuum
 Control signal Port 
  (Foot switch port)
 Shot (input)signal   When select non-voltage contact mode: *2
 Capacity over 20mA of N.O. contact
 When select input voltage mode:DC5~24V  
 Shot end signal  Non-Voltage N.O. contact:
 Load capacity AC250V, 3A / DC30V, 3A
 I/O Connect port  Star / Stop (Input)  Input voltage DC10~30V, ON current:more
 than 3.5mA, OFF current:lower than 1mA. 
 Mode / Shotting (Output)   Non-Voltage contact:DC30V, 20mA
 Vacuum function  Built-in vacuum transducer
 Operating temperature  +5oC ~ +40oC
 External dimensions  (W)184x(D)159x(H)88 mm
 Weight  1.6kg

*1.Order made.
*2.If use external connection and input voltage,it show caution signal and stop.