Pressure Tank TB series

Pressure Tank TB series


Pressure Tank TB series is a type where the material is directly put into the pressure tank to be used. The opening is wide, so cleaning and maintenance is simple.

Plunger is used for pressure feeding of high viscosity materials.
Please refer to Tank Options category.

TB21B with capacity 20 litres and reduced height is the latest addition to our standard pressure tank series.

規 格
Model TB1N TB3N TB5N TB10N TB20N TB21D
Tank Capacity 1.0L 3.0L 5.0L 10.0L 20.0L
Weight 2.8kg 5.4kg 7.4kg 12.0kg 14.8kg 16.5kg
Material SUS304
Operating Pressure Maximum 0.49MPa
Lid Attach / Detach Mechanism Ferrule clamp type
Fluid Outlet Bottom port (Lower) Rc3/8 (standard)
Air Pressure Port Top port (Upper) Rc1/4 (standard)
Sealing Method O-ring seal (NBR standard)
Finish Buffing of the inside and outside surface