Leak Sensor Amplifier

Leak Sensor Amplifier

The leak sensor is designed which can connect to directly the controller(such as sequencer).

The leak sensor is designed so that it can connect with a controller directly.
1) When you want to drive the Leak Sensor using another power supply.
2) When you want to change the Leak Sensor output signal into a contact close signal.

Since we corresponded to the above request, exclusive amplifier for leak sensor was prepared.

LS-05, LS-15, LS-25, and LS-35 are useful for space saving,because of small and compact designed exclusive amplifier.

Moreover, these amplifiers can realize simple wiring. As a safe function, the LS-25 and LS-35 are equipped with the self-diag
nosis circuit. Moreover, LS-15, LS-25, and LS-35 is UL recognized components, we guarantee a very safe Leak Liquid detectig system.